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Others think of fashion as shallow and a person who is fashionable as mean. If so, are most women thought of being dumb when they feel like dressing up? I don’t think so, fashion is like art. It is an expression of oneself.  And following what is hip is part of the trend in all artistic works. Remember when Picasso introduced cubism? Most of the art pieces that followed were of geometric shapes.

Fashion becomes shallow when the bearer is shallow. Fashion looks intelligent when the one who carries it is intelligent.  Nonetheless, it cannot be used to judge the person of whether she is bright or not. It is just innate to women to be creative and artistic, most especially it is innate to “us” to have an eye for beauty. Fashion for us is merely an expression and an outlet of artistry. And because of that fashion is beautiful, simply it becomes our eye candy. And just like any artwork that becomes a form of relaxation, fashion does the same, too. This is why strolling around the mall with at least window shopping along the side is a stress reliever to women. It gets us inspired just by looking at beautiful things. We become more motivated in our work inside and outside our home. It is just like men who are getting fascinated to cars. Well yes, car is useful but not when it becomes a part of a collection just like fashion is good only when it is serves a good purpose.

Fashion is also a way of taking care of oneself. How? It is by making yourself beautiful not to please others but to please yourself which is not a bad idea at all. After all, loving oneself is being grateful for experiencing life. Life on the other hand will give you beauty if you desire to have it. Just imagine life without fashion, arts, and beauty. It is like imagining world without technology. Yes, we go back to life that has not touched yet with civilization.

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