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Prom’s Best Look

It’s fashion month once again and as always it is a beautiful day to all.  Girls have prepared so much for this month. Girls have looked towards the day where they will all look like princesses where each is waltzed under grand chandeliers by her prince charming. Girls have been thinking of Cinderella during this season where she was transformed into the most beautiful creature in town.

Aside from months of beauty rest, eating healthy food, and day dreaming, what preoccupies the minds of these young ladies is what to wear during their most awaited prom day. They browse through magazines. Check the latest in fashion online. Window shop and canvass for accessories to mix and match, not to mention drooling over stilettos that sparkle even from afar. This is a month where gowns in malls are best sold and this is the same season where dressmakers are busy making clothes that suit the setting of a fantasy castle or a grand ball.  And these busy and exciting beautiful days are not exclusive to ladies alone. Boys would also need to look fine and decent. They need to leave their hip hop or rocker image and need to look like if not princes at least successful men in suit. This is the same season that boys are given equal chance to dance the girl of their interest.  Lucky is the one whose dream is granted. Prior to the occasion, tailors are busy as well to make these young men look fine. Barber shops are hit, as well as shoe polish boys for those who did not feel like getting a new pair.

Vanity ranks the highest when it comes to sin committed during prom day. Girls and boy transform to beautiful fine young and women. Young lovers get the chance to see their puppy love different from the usual school kid in uniform or PE attire. Their fine look is not even close when they go out on a Friday night to have some clean fun.


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