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Women And Their Odd Times

Women are born to have an eye for beauty. And most of the time you see it by looking at them from head to toe. Although some who are born with exquisite taste for beauty like stylists or artists themselves may look a bit messy at times because they are the ones who are busy beautifying others or other things. But in general, talk about women and you do not expect to see a plain creature.

The best times of women are the ones when they find time for themselves. You see them happy in their womanhood when you catch them inspired of just beautifying themselves. Vanity may not be all year round for women. There are times that we too slack around. And yes, after such unpleasant period, at least outer appearance-wise, we return to who we really are and commit once again our fave sin—Vanity! This happens during odd times which we cannot explain when it occurs. Usually we dress up and fix ourselves when we go out, whether it is just strolling around or attending a classy meeting or occasion. This is typical. Odd times are when we just feel like staying in the bathroom for hours cleaning ourselves. We want oil, we want herbs, we want floral or citrus scents, and scrub our body as if we want a total replacement of our skin. If not this, we head to spa. Our best time is as simple as facial treatment, body scrub, dental works and hair styling or treatment. This happens maybe every full moon which is less frequent from our weekly shopping of anything we can grab within a very limited budget. This is our odd times when the rest of other creatures on Earth thought it is the only woman’s daily routine as if we are the worthless beings on a planet who think of only caring for ourselves.

Woman’s odd times maybe extremely annoying for others but not for those who sincerely love them. Men like the eccentricity that even us, women, find it hard to understand. And the women in our lives are equally happy about something that they can relate to once to many times in their lifetime.


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