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Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. How can that be when it is not as colorful as other stones or beads? There are different colors of diamonds, too. But that is not what matters here. Women love her because of its price. Diamond is the most expensive stone and women, given the chance, are very expensive, too. Talk about luxury and vanity, it is us only if we are given the chance.

Diamond is exactly what’s our skin wants just like how women love a very expensive wall painting in our house that will tell how expensive is our taste for fine things!

Speaking about wall painting, let me share what I found. I came across a website and saw collection of paintings from Asian Artists and thought the value of these artworks will shoot up so soon. The artists are great based from their creations. Take a look at of this optical cubism by Edgardo Parucho. Who would believe that this is just for a few dollars? Check his other works at


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