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Just Another Gold

Couldn’t hop to another topic yet. Gold has been preoccupying my mind for a few days now. We do not speak of bars of gold here. Anyway this post is not meant to address world bank or any business tycoon around but just to us who are a bit of fashion-oriented.

If you know how much is gold worth to-date, expect to pay more when buying your gold jewlry. As much you want to stick to pay per gram, most of the boutique shops ask for more. Remember, you are not going to wear gold sliced directly from a gold bar but surely your piece of this precious metal has undergone craftsmanship, too. Otherwise, you will look like a walking gold mine, to be exact.

Gold represents nobility, class, and quality. So even we don’t speak of gold as metal but just the color gold, we speak of the same attributes.’ Say a wall painting framed in gold, you can never dispute that frame gives more elegance to the existing elegance of fine art like wall painting. By the way, speaking of painting frame, art buyers flock to artyii because this international art site handles the framing, as well. And the choices are just magnificent!


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