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Oh yes, hair is beautiful when fine. Just imagine this long black and not just well-kept but well-combed hair which looks like not even a wind has the right to undo it. Yes, you may fit for a shampoo and conditioner commercial. But how uncomfortable it is to maintain a hairdo like that when in fact, loose and a bit tangled hair is sexy and hot! Loosen up, ladies. Some waves and big volumes are stylish. And the good thing about this is that less is the time consumed if you keep your hair just naturally flowing. Anyway, don’t you think it is mean to waste your whole day maintaining the straightness of your hair? Wouldn’t it be enough to comb and brush your hair after shower? Half dry it and just let it to naturally flow for the day. Or do some touch of brushing once in a while not to really keep it flawless but for giving you scalp its regular massage for the day. Hair with volume rocks, anyway!

Look how cool the artists look like from artyii. They have this not so well-kept hair in the picture. They are so natural and hip and they show off what they got, instead. What else but their works of arts!


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