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Vanity Once More!

The greatest wake-up call for girls to change looks or to have a bit of retouch from their present outer appearance is that one morning they just get up from bed resisting how they see themselves in the mirror.

You can tell if a woman is happy from within. This is when she couldn’t resist looking at herself in the mirror which means she loves how she is improving physically from months of not even wanting to comb her hair. This is not vanity after all. Women are not everyday vain. You see them dressed-up only because the workplace requires them to do so. Or most of the time, looking good is part of the pressure of mingling with people and she needs to be in the trend of street fashion.
And this is why we see girls of all ages fully made-up all the time. But when at home, the least thing they want to do is to beautify themselves.

You can just imagine how stay-home moms without help on the side as to how to manage the chores at the home front would not even look at themselves in the mirror for consecutive months. And they would even wish that their hair be cut short so no combing is required after bath anymore. And this we can say, no matter how happy the home may look like, she isn’t that truly happy within. Happiness of a woman comes from her inner self and this is different from happiness she feels for the people whom she cares for. The moment you see a girl or a lady who cannot get enough of herself or who is attracted to herself, you can bet that despite an expressionless face, she is happy. Just be happy for her because that doesn’t happen everyday. For women, there is just a season like this just like a season when all she wants to do is to collect wall paintings . We just don’t know what inspires her to make herself fit. This could be someone of whether a real one or just an imagination or could be a lover or just some woman she sees in the magazine with a beautiful skin and as for her, that kind of skin is achievable, too, in her end. But whatever that is, surely it helps for her betterment.


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