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Look Good, Feel Good

Women’s dressing up depends not on the occasion but on the mood. Just yesterday, the least thing she wanted was to comb her tangled hair and now she wants silk lingerie after a nice bath in the evening. Mood, as they call it. But in every mood is an underlying emotion that triggers it just like an artist who goes for figurative when a few days back, she was just looking for landscape wall painting.

A woman likes herself to look okay when she is happy within. She just feels like looking good and she feels pretty. But then, this is not all year- round and not even a week- round. There are just days that she feels like she wants to stay beautiful from head to toe, 24 hours a day. And no women will last to feel this way in her lifetime because we all acknowledge the fact that there are more things to be done instead of staying in front of the mirror. A woman who is not like this is close to depression which means most of the time, we are close to it and perhaps was just being masked or disguised by being busy. And in times of complete sanity, there she realizes that she is no way an affordable art but when compared to painting, she is one brilliant original oil painting. She acknowledges the fact that her body is landscaped and her skin is milk and butter. Add honey to it and she feels like being delicious. Woman needs this from time to time. It may not be literally physical pampering but supplying our thoughts with some sweet treats empower us woman who still want to remain different from men in vanity aspect.  Yet unfortunately because of too many responsibilities, physical pampering is left for the younger ones while full-blown women are just left with thoughts and at least we need to be generous about ourselves when we think of beauty, womanhood, and femininity. Thinking of it is not being mean at all but rejoicing womanhood that wants extra colors in the eyes and a little bling bling in our wrist, not to mention that we’d rather have red wine over Vodka.

In reality, women take care of herself when they suffer from illness and that they need to be wary of their health or they are pregnant that they need to be at their best for the child they are carrying, or maybe looking good is essential because of  work that they need to mingle with people, socially too. But other than that, women most of the time do not even think of themselves as affordable art, at least but just a craft which value is diminishing over time. So happy is a woman who can keep her vanity in her lifetime, well– at least in her thoughts!


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