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Defining Sexiness

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is very true as how different people look at body shapes which make them define what sexy is. Confidence is sexy. Independence is, as well. Intelligence is another thing that makes a woman very sexy, not to mention there is another one we call x-factor or sex appeal that when it oozes from within, sexiness is raised to the nth level like a piece of creation that is in no way an affordable Asian art .

But then physically people have a defined description of what sexy is. And this differs from different parts of the earth. Caucasians are obsessed with skinny bodies with no trace of fats at all. People would not eat just to have their figure as that of the skinny models they see in the magazines. And because of these, many are almost close to being anorexic. Aside from skipping meals, these die-hard skinny fanatics will skip meals and even do heavy exercises. While some parts of the earth have people who see sexiness this way, there are also countries where extra flesh means being more attractive.  Many Asians are born slim, once they lose a bit of a pound, they go skinny all the way without being anorexic. And because this is very common, people find extra flesh on the sides and in some other places very sexy. Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, and some other more Asians are like this. But among them, Filipinos can easily put on weight and because they are naturally short, being plump is attractive, as well. Among them all, too, it is still Filipinos who are more influenced by Western culture and most of the things in them are deemed adorable which includes their natural body shape of being voluptuous. And while the westerns are admiring the slender body of women from the Philippines, Filipinas on the other hand want the big chest and protruding bottoms of Caucasians.

Sexiness is defined in so many ways in different countries. Some are technically defined like body shapes. But then as mentioned, it is how a woman carries herself that makes her sexy. Confidence, glowing skin, a hair style that suits her, a simple yet fashion sense –wise catchy enough when worn and when carried by her is overall a woman that is sex-personified. All the more, she becomes sexier when she feels so good about herself.


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