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Hair for the Day

What else could be the crowning glory of a woman but her hair! A hair that falls well in places is gorgeous to look at.  Just as how other outside forces can make or break a girl’s day, hair does the same. Hair style can make a person look differently each day. Among the many parts of the body that can make an aura of a person, it is her hair that serves as a landscape wall painting in an indoor garden of the home interior.

There is a perfect hair color for the perfect skin tone. There is a right cut and style based on what will suit the shape of the face. There is a proper style to enhance or tone down facial features. But then despite of having all these perfected, women have this what they call bad hair day. They wake up in the morning and after hair dying and styling, they see their face as not pleasing at all because the hair just makes everything distorted. And from this mental situation, everything else seems to not fall into proper places like their choice of clothes and how they carry themselves only because their confidence is reduced.  Most of the time, the solution is just to tie the hair in a bun. This is a quick fix and good to those who still look good with their hair up.  But unfortunately, not all women are blessed with this which as much as possible needs to make their day as great hair day everyday.

When a hair falls to places lovely and just as Bruno Mars say, without even trying, expect a woman to be pleasantly looking. Beauty starts from the top, anyway, to carry everything going down. Thin, straight hair might look pretty neat and nice. Natural hair with big waves flowing down is gorgeous. Curly hair is as beautiful. Every style and every kind has its own best description just like how wall paintings from abstract to landscape or portrait have. It is just how one will carry her hair with confidence that will make a difference. Hair then for the fashion icons and followers is part of the wardrobe as how clothes and other accessories are. But more than that, hair is part of the skin that needs to glow in vibrance to make the bearer to just look quite perfect.


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