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Vanity Inside Out

Part of vanity is being cautious of our food-intake.  A vain person knows that clothing is useless without glowing skin, shiny hair, a body that is fit, or simply put, physically she has to project health and wellness to bring out the beauty in her and everything else is just an add-on. It is like working on artworks for sale when everything that matters is the quality of the work and the rest just follow.

Vanity to this extent makes vanity seasonal. If it only means dressing up then it can be everyday most especially if the person has to. This applies to those working ladies who regularly mingle with people and exerting effort to make oneself pleasing at least is a requirement. But if it means including being cautious of the food we eat like balancing our meal with go, glow, and grow, not to mention we need to be wary of food that will not serve the purpose of beautifying our self. We remember there is a certain food to make our skin fairer, youthful, just as there is that can reduce zits and other blemishes and so on and so forth.  Imagine preparing all these as part of one’s daily routine. This can be tasking. Wall painting is even easier for the artist than to be a self-nutritionist round the clock. And only few can keep this practice as habitual and unfortunately, they are those who have the drive and motivation to do so because of some medical requirements. Those who are ill with some form of disease are the ones who have the patience to follow a complete dietary instruction. Nonetheless our vanity is not vanity at all but all hoax. We tend to mask the impurities within with make-up when we can just cleanse them away but then again, vanity that requires too much care of oneself consumes too much time  and effort, as well, which means not all have the privilege to be really vain not unless, this is part of the person’s source of income or as mentioned, as treated as medication.

Many think of themselves as vain when they get too conscious of fashion and the smearing and blotting of their lipstick on a straw the moment they drink but they do not realize that only few can keep up to be vain. It requires time, effort, and money to do so and focusing on it is good if one is already making a career out of it like stage performers or film actresses but for one who is an artist  working on his wall painting at home, full vanity is not just necessary but something that is not fun to do anymore, too.


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