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What Woman Wants

Looking through furniture, residential houses and condominium units is addicting for most women. But then a woman who is in to it will, most of the time, get bored after dwelling in her house for quite sometime not unless maybe she does her renovation on a regular basis. In such a case, you imagine her rearranging both her precious and affordable arts from time to time.

A house is a woman’s first love. A loving man knows that it is what will make her woman jump for joy. A confident man does not get intimidated of what a woman wants because from these wants and from his love to her will inspire him to achieve. The funny thing is that when men made it, they forgot who inspired them and what made them achieve. Anyway, many women are just simply lucky to have a man so sensitive of what woman wants but not all share such luck. If this is the case, know that you are capable of giving it to yourself.  It is not an insult to womanhood. In fact, all the more, that you become dearer than an original oil painting. It is just a revelation from heavens that you are more capable of working for it and because you do, just keep it to yourself!  Kidding aside if a man you are with does not know your worth, make sure that when you finally wake up knowing your worth and is ready to earn from it, he will not be a part of you. You’ve seen him work for straight years yet the comfort that your family has is a product of your loving effort to give everyone in your house their convenience and lifestyle. And you see the man with you spare a little portion of what he is having, making it sure that not a buck will be an extra for you to take advantage of as you saw him having a collection of his high-end gadgets. It has been like that since day 1 you were with him, what else to change it, anyway!

But the best part is to realize to just go for what you want of whether it is just an affordable art or something bigger. If it is a small abode for you and your son that occupies your heart, then so be it. Go for it, not minding the man with you. Claim your freedom. Let go. Be a friend to him. Never consider him your enemy. But never allow him to be a part of you. Just as for you to know, when women know what they really want, men become out of the picture.


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