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Make Complicated Work

Marriages cannot be all about bliss. You will give endless thanks to heavens if you bumped in to someone who happens to be your soulmate, your destiny, your perfect match or whatever you call it. If not, and things became complicated between the two of you, then better make some arrangement if situations are too way beyond repair like a cracked wall painting from angle to angle.

To make your partner as your enemy is the last thing you want in your mind. It is not only the bad that you shared with him but also years of goodness. Just as what people say, try to remember the good things that people have done for you, no matter how painful the recent act is. Although this is not easy to understand while the damage is still fresh. Yet, there is nothing better than to end up as friends. This may sound impossible for others but for years of no romance, for years of living in one roof yet being estranged to each other, being friends is a best choice than to hate each other. Simply put, friendship over the damage done to each other is more than to what we deem as just fair. You may not be together in a regular basis but in times of need, you know you are there for each other. And when it comes to obligation of still making things work financially, hopefully you still have each other’s cooperation. Yet of course you do not expect the other to be with you during minor events like looking through artworks for sale.

All the more that it becomes ideal when the two of you as friends and family can own a house where, as usual, each has a room of his or her own. And how ideal it can be when the two of you finally meet your new someone to have and to hold, and each of the new partners accepts and understands the strange set- up you share with your ex- partner aka friend. Things are extremely complicated but all things can be arranged once the need calls for it and this is when another party has to be a part of a complicated circle. Marriages are not perfect. There are those who live unhappily together while there are some who are just extremely fortunate to love each other for life and are perfect subjects for romantic wall paintings. Yet no matter what type of relationship you have with your partner, you can count on the fact that despite overflow of rage you have in your heart towards the other, you know how much you will always care.




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