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The Dream of Living in Beauty

Every woman is obsessed to anything beautiful like that of a brilliant landscape painting. And this includes being fascinated with fine things that she sees around. Part of what she wants to complete her love for beauty is to own a house. Yes, that would be luxury houses like mansions or castles where there are servants and maidservants left and right. Wow, that is fantasy. Such a magnificent sight for her! It feels so Cleopatra, the princesses and the queens.

Unfortunately, only few women live like as the above-mentioned. Mansions houses are fine if you can employ house help left and right. Otherwise, you end up maintaining hectares all by yourself.  No matter how awesome and majestic are the sights that surround you, if you are the one to look like filth, then what is the beauty for? But if you can really afford to get grand places, then might as well get a luxury condo unit with brilliant furnishing, expensive and sophisticated pieces of furniture. Surely, amenities will not be a problem from gym, studio, to Jacuzzi- you have everything fine. Wow, living in something like this is a dream actualized and you fee l like a goddess personified to the highest level! But for many women, settling for less is a must, sometimes, for them to at least not end up to nothing at all. There are affordable condominium units around. These are small pads enough for one or two people. Match this with affordable arts and some nice and cute furniture, then what you have is a cozy domain. Settle for this, meanwhile. And who knows, years from now you’ll get what it takes to own your dream condominium unit in the heart of the city. Nothing is impossible as long as you are alive.

Women are dreamers. The reason behind this is that it is  woman-nature to seek for what is ideal—perfection. And true, we are just born to appreciate the finest of things. We are the ones who appreciate and admire the beauty that we see with our fellow ladies. We know which among the many landscape paintings is attractive without looking at the details.  Convenience and  beauty just simply catch our hearts.


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