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Things to Enjoy as Being Single

Well yes, thoughts came to mind in a snap over single blessedness. The feeling must be awesome. Yet, it is inevitable to think sometimes that a wall painting is even better than you when it is framed when you have no one to turn to for warmth.

We have heard of a few friends whining over not having anyone in their lives for years now while you have not experienced freedom, at least emotionally speaking, for years not until you announce self-declaration of independence just recently and wow, never you imagine how good it feels except for literally cold nights which you get used to for having them for years. If there is one thing being in a single blessedness needs to be thanked for is enjoying yourself which includes sticking to minor decisions like over this and over that— it is all about which Asian arts do you prefer? Let the choice be of from your own judgement. This might sound mean but having not enjoyed or experienced such mediocrity is self-damaging, in one way or another. Going out alone is another thing. This is not easy at first when you are used to walking somewhere with someone holding your hands and constantly pulling you to his warm embrace from time to time. But then, after a few years of experiencing going alone, you’ll learn to appreciate it. The best part of being single of whether this is legal or self-declared, or just based from personal agreement between you and someone whom you are with, is how self-earning is handled. If you are married, but somehow separated, or just living with your partner as friends, then take away the budget you need to allot at home as part of your obligations like the one for your kids, daily sustenance, bills, or some other more, then what is left is yours. How you handle what is left from the homefront expenses will say so much of who you are. It is nice to discover who you are after past years of sharing yourself to some people.

It is great to know how you can settle for cheap clothes and other personal belongings because you want the rest for investment like affordable properties or hmmm perhaps for wall paintings.  The point is you know then now how practical you are! That is something when you are very much aware that despite self-declaration of independence, you have a child who needs security. You might not know who will catch your heart and if the dumb in you will fall for someone who will not treat your son as his own, then you know very well that he will not in any way be a subject of pity.


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