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To Date Again

For a woman who has withdrawn herself for years from romantic love, how can it be easy to go back to dating scene? Making her attractive again may perhaps require a 180 degree shift. There may be a lot of work to turn a craft in to an original oil painting that will make a viewer hooked to it.

Teens or girls in their 20’s find dating usual. It takes just an eye contact to signal understanding between two people. It is all attraction and emotion that matter. There is nothing to worry about and no obligation in mind to fulfill but how to sustain love and make oneself attractive and exciting enough to the other person. But when we speak of full-blown women, then we talk about experience not just on the romantic side but in all aspects of life including multiple sets of no- kiddie problems that are being faced and also those that have been charged to experience. Financial status of both parties need to be considered and so many other extra baggage that each is loaded. These are not important if building relationship is just meant for fun or short-lived. Otherwise, starting fresh with someone new again for women of the right age may not be as fun or as easy as how teens fall in love. This is why not all women have the guts to open themselves to romance once again,  unless there is one guy out there that all she needs to do is trust and everything will be well-taken care of.  But then for her whose life needs to be adjusted outside of her comfort  or even of her discomfort zone to accommodate another person in her life implies that trusting may be quite a challenge. The man on the other end must have completely tidy up his life and so is the woman on the opposite end of the party. To join force could mean a lot of compromises and negotiations which for the two is not easy at all. And yes, with this it is not easy to love again when love is not the only thing in issue.

The dilemma is that a woman who has wasted her youth in the matters of the heart wants some real loving too and will not want to consider romance as some form of technical issues. How it feels good to have someone love her just like how an art lover get hooked to a wall painting without questioning the details in the background! But it is not just as easy as that because even a love-filled heart quite requires a massive guidance from the mind.


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