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Dancing for the Depressed

Too many reasons to dance after tears! First off, tears spare you from heart-attack. Just imagine life throwing in 10 stones in for a quarter of gold. You can bet that this is enough to be deemed as a justifiable cause of stroke. And why fall for a disease when you can just dance off until your muscles beg to rest. Dancing gives a feeling of satisfaction just like how art lovers feel when they buy art online with ease and confidence.

If one is feeling sad, chances are he or she submerges herself to pain by listening to mellow music. Psychologically, the person listens to sad music not because he is brutal to himself but because these songs have an effect that someone else is sympathizing with what the hurting person feels. These songs make him feel not alone, simply put. But then no depressed would want to dance with this type of sounds. Music has to be upbeat enough to rock their body. It has to be rockin’ enough to put them in a trance without being drugged. Life is about music. Sometimes, you control what you listen to but many times too, you just have to go with the flow when the tuner is not in your hand. But if you’re sad or depressed, let the control be within your grasp to get your heart and mind into dancing. Otherwise, someone else will grab the remote control and before you did, they will play sad music for you to dance to. And this is just simply to add insult to perjury.

And instead of this, you’d rather dance to the one that will make you sweat and feel the intensity of passion in dancing. And this is because, it is also a form of exercise and even better than simple stretching, dancing is healthy. We speak here of being healthy amid depression or loneliness. Let dancing be a part of self-help therapy to overcome depression or even a slight tinge of loneliness just as how a paint artist devotes her madness to working on her Asian art.


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