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Vanity is seasonal to woman. It is not a wall painting in someone else’s house that can last for centuries unmoved.  Once a girl avoids a mirror, you know that hers is not in season. This happens when she has been so busy with some tasks or her mind is not pre-occupied with temporary obsession. And because her looks is not something she wants to dwell with, she has to avoid the mirror as not to get disappointed. Looking bad is indeed frustrating to women.

When human, in general, thinks of the woman species as too self-conscious, this is not always true. Just as mood changes and so is her desire to look okay or better. She acknowledges the fact that there are more priorities in life than looking good. And once this other more important things take place in her mind, she wouldn’t even care to look at the mirror. Count days or weeks to be in this mood and she will tap herself again to check on herself. And yes, there goes the typical discovery of having dull hair and skin. And what about a zit-filled face?  And you can tell that you are far from being the best of Asian art. These do not occur when a woman is in her vanity season.  In and out of the body are being taken care of. Even the number of glasses of water taken in is counted. There are vitamins and supplements left and right the table. Food to take needs to be planned ahead. Hands in contact with the face are a big- No. If women do not consider these and just focus on what clothes, shoes, and accessories to wear, then she is not vain at all. Vanity includes being a health buff, as well. Beauty cannot be complete without a healthy-looking skin and hair. No matter how a girl would mask her face with make-up and cover her body with accessories, vanity is seen in her body because her body will tell how well she takes care of herself.


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