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Pictures are moments. Every beauty captured is priceless and anything not pleasing to the eyes can easily be discarded not to invite ugly memories to come to surface. Photos now are not just kept in a chest or arranged in an album for families who are visiting the house to see. They are meant now to be shared in public online as long as there is the owner’s consent.

Cameras become high-tech and really expensive. And just like any gadget like cell phones, camera models are easily outmoded in the market giving way for the latest creation to lure the customers whose age bracket ranges from students and yuppies to full-blown adults. Every angle is a picture perfect. Every moment is captured from the breeze touching the flowers to make the petals sway just as gracefully as that to the moon mirroring two bodies closely knit together. In every picture is a story. In image is a moment to share to people. Amid life’s ugly situations are photos capturing great smile, happy faces, laughter, and the allure of beauty.  Moreso, because it is a trend that people are getting hooked to, more and more are becoming conscious of their looks. Vanity attacks to the nth level to both men and women because everyday can be a photoshoot day to the extent that they treat themselves like artworks for sale that need to be at their best for display.

Aside from vanity attack that taking photos cause, individuals along with their peers, friends, and family would love to spend more outdoors not just to have fun but to capture the fun. Even simple families who would go to mall can just simply strike a pose in one of the angles of the edifice, and they are good to go. Dinner and a walk from wing to wing taking pictures are family’s simple fun every weekend. As long as there are smiling faces captured, ugly situations may not be as ugly anymore when pictures finally go online for friends and family to view. When original oil painting seems rare to depict emotion and activities, photography makes capturing these instant—less the time consumed and less the effort exerted. And when it comes to budget, a one- time purchase of the budget is all it takes!


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