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Asian Women’s Physique

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Physically and talking in general, the asset of Asian women is their physique. They might not be tall but they are just naturally slender. It takes, perhaps, an entire rice cooker to devour every meal for them to put on a few pounds so they can be paint artists’ favourite subject for wall painting.

There are different body shapes and some are voluptuous, as well. But most of the time, you see Asian women as slim not unless you encounter a bunch whose humps and bumps are tripled by surgery. But just like every human being, it is their natural physique that they cannot take. They want the natural extra flesh of Caucasians that happens to be set in the right places. The eagerness of being like that is equal as to how much non-Asians would pay the price of having a slimmer body. Body shapes now can easily be changed, deformed or reformed with programs to sculpt body just as how an artwork for sale can be changed by doing a touch-up color. It is much easier now, in fact, when home gym becomes a trend and going out during a lazy day is an issue to follow an exercise regimen.

However for Asians, after eating an entire dining table, it takes just a little stretching during weekends to put back the fats to where they belong. Not all are privileged. But many are like this. And these are the ones struggling to increase their size from 0 to at least 1. Putting on weight for a skinny is a challenge. Only a few cases of Anorexia are accounted or almost none at all. They are simply naturally slim and the challenge lies as to how to put on fats in the right places to have a body close to that of the whites or some Victoria Secret models they see in the magazines. They are not the ones whom the artists want for their portrait or nude wall painting. Their details are too tiny to capture. Asian women are small. From the Philippines alone, girls of 5” are average in height. Despite of this tiny stature, most of them are long legged. Limbs are thin and elongated just as how other Asians are except for the way they style themselves with clothing and fashion sense which is much simpler and plain compared to other costume-like everyday wear of other fellow Asians.


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