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VS Show and Music

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What makes Victoria Secret Show fabulous is the choice of music they play as the angels walk in the runway. They are chosen based from the theme of the show. Most of the time, these music are remixed to come up with a unique one or a sound that has never been heard before. Music can really do magic in any fashion show, not to mention that murals and wall paintings are all over to add ambiance to it.

No one in the world will say that Victoria Secret is cheap despite that many times in a year you can get a bunch of undies for them for just a few dollars. With angels to represent them, VS goods become the hottest in the market. Overall, VS has packaged her model and the runway itself to excellence. It is not only the goods that they sell but epitome of creativity. When other fashion shows become a direct representation of what dull and boring mean, VS is the opposite. From the music alone, you can just simply close your eyes and imagine these angels projecting themselves in the runway which means they choose a background which beat can automatically make a model sway her hips or simply walk with a twist to the beat. Modelling is not too much an effort with the right music. “ Drop Like it Hot” has never been too pleasing too listen to when it is remixed to suit VS Russian theme just a few years back. “ My Baby Shot You Down” does not sound classic but finely seductive when they had it revived for Femme Fatale. From music to stage decorations, from wardrobe of the angels to the angels themselves, Victoria Secret, in its total packaging is the epitome of brilliant artwork for sale.

Wall paintings will be colourful if the VS fashion show will be captured or will be served as inspiration. We can just imagine the artists painting with the runway music in the background to keep their creation upbeat. In fact, one artist can just focus to creating arts solely inspired by VS fashion show. She or he can capture the stage design, the walking in the runway itself, the activities in the backstage, or portraits of these models with their costume on for the show. Sell this with VS OST and it will be a good business to come up with.


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