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Love Utopia for Women

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What could life be if you are with someone who just adores you from head to toe and every move you make is heaven for him? You can just tell that he is the least of the people who has the slightest intention of inflicting pain on you. It must be a love affair that can only be seen in the movie or that can only be hLove Utopia for Women eard in a song or that could only be interpreted from a wall painting.

Whatever that is, the thought of having this kind of romantic partnership is an ultimate dream of any woman. If that is, no hypocrisy aside! People come and go.  But utopia lives in the mind of every woman on earth. There is whom she calls prince charming, a knight in shining armour, and destiny, and some other more labels that she can make-believe to be hers. How lucky is a woman to have someone whom she wants for the rest of her life! Many women would settle for less which means they would go for the person whom they are not in love with only because of the thought that the man must be good enough to be with for the rest of her life. So what for the rest of other qualities! It is like looking for artworks for sale that is durable ignoring other things that need to be considered like price, quality, and rarity. But then, they still end up unhappy. Then, might as well be with the person who will fall in your lap — someone whom you want to wake up with in the morning and someone whom you find sleeping difficult without him! The unfortunate news is that only one or two in trillions can last long with this feeling. Falling in love everyday to the same person can be tasking for couples, most of the time. Yet for women, this is the ideal and the perfection. The sad part again is that it is just fiction.

It is a make-believe story that has been corrupting the mind of every woman to give themselves false hopes. Because in reality, the only person who is going to be with you for real until you retire for your life on earth, not physically but emotionally and mentally is ‘you’. We are the hero of our own story when others only act as supporting.  Yet for women, we want somebody else to make them feel so feminine—a princess backed up by his prince as that of in fairy tales that they have not outgrown yet—so ideal that such thought can just be locked up in a wall painting.


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