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Staying Young

What is the secret to staying young? Many women are willing to spend millions just to know the secret as to how to keep oneself young-looking. Asians, generally, look younger than they age. We are not to say that it is because Asians are stress-free because most of Asians do not even have the luxury of money to unwind from stress. Maybe a stress-reliever like looking through artworks for sale can do magic.

Food works in mysterious ways when it comes to staying young. Youthful skin is the key to not look like one’s age. But many Asians are in Third World and food is taken in just for survival and not beautification. It must really be the genes, so to speak. But no matter what genes women have, stress is an aging agent. You spend millions for it yesterday and a week after you have been stressed out too much. Expect, then, your millions to go to waste.  Asians are less stressed people because they do not have the big bucks, a big buck for them is too much. A few hundred dollars can make them happy. You see them shopping, strolling around, or simply sleeping with a smile because they are ensured that there will be food in the table for weeks to come. Relative to the value of money, Asians learn to live in a lifestyle that is not extravagant when many in the world cannot cope with it. 500 USD sale from selling wall painting is a reason to jump with joy. But Asians, not striving for a more decent living that everyone in the world deserves and use poverty as an excuse to mediocrity is foolishness, or perhaps a large portion of the population is somehow or unconsciously in the state of depression and settling and being contented for what they have make them stress-free. And this can be the reason why they look young. If this is the case, looking young is not admirable at all. If it is looking young while coping with too much stress while aiming at a goal, then that is awesome.

But as have been mentioned, stress is an agent in aging. Looking through artworks for sale to remove wrinkles from stress will not work.  You cannot fight stress in a snap just not to age, but recovery from as fast as possible is a talent. And if you are being harassed or damaged for years yet you still look young effortlessly, they you can say, you have a great deal of will power to live life at your best that no one has.


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