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A Girl’s Dream

Every girl wonders how it feels like to live in a castle or at least in a palace and be like a true princess. It must be fantastic to dress in gown and wear a crown of gems everyday. Surely this does not happen anymore in real life because even in today’s queens and princesses, they wear what the commoners do. They do not look like as artworks for sale anymore but real people on the go.

But then, it is nice to imagine the people of the castle before when the princesses wore too heavy clothes and headdresses. It seems like they were the only burden they carried given that there were privileged in so many ways except that all eyes were in their majesty. And because these queens and princesses are public figures, they are showbiz personalities and politicians rolled into one. That could be the biggest challenge in their situation. But whatever that is, it is the adoration and respect of the king to the queen and the youthful love and infatuation of the prince to his princess that make being in the throne a subject of envy for many girls. It is a rite of passage to young girls to dream of becoming a princess, someday. Aside from the fact that each seemed to have a destined prince charming that a princess will meet along her journey through life, young girls love the fashion, too.  Theirs is a combination of classic and glam. They are just an epitome of luxury and if there is a wall painting where they are used as subjects, expect such art to cost millions. And going back to love,  despite everyone deserves it– be it a commoner or a royalty, young girls think it is just those who wear the crown who are truly happy, not knowing the reality that it is just all fantasy.

Artworks for sale that are castle, palace, or kingdom inspired are sought by art lovers and not just kids. Dreaming and fantasies are not just for kids, anyway, because from them each of us grows.  And even a full-blown female adult will not shy away from the thought that she, too, wants to be a princess for once in her lifetime.


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