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A tall guy when paired with a short woman is a perfect combination to create an effective love story. There may be qualities that may not be at all positive for girls, but then appearance-wise, such allusion gives the chemistry, strong enough to make a couple the best of Asian arts.

A tall guy looks protective and caring over her partner while a short woman no matter how strong she is in real life looks like being protected, being well taken care of by the man she is with. She may even be very dependent on the man whom she trusts with all her heart. In many romantic movies or dramas, we notice how casting of the main stars help in producing a pair-up that will give the audience the goosebumps and usually it is not a hot or sexy girl matched with a manly guy but a manly guy paired with a cute and charming girl or character-wise it will be a very attractive man with few words matched with a cute girl who talks a lot—something like that. These are qualities that romantic movies take advantage of to make the audience scream for love. Hypocrisy aside, our eyes perhaps are in unison when it comes to this pairing. A pretty charming doll needs a knight in shining armour of great stature who will be the one to protect her, love her, and take care of her. This, however, applies to light romance where youthfulness is involved. Most of the time, Korean dramas use this kind of pair-up which most of the time too produces overflowing chemistry between the lead stars. Surely, they are the ones to prompt artists to create a wall painting out of the love team.

Just imagine a tall guy to wrap his shoulders around his baby doll. Doll by the way is just taken to describe a girl appearance-wise, and not for any issue revolving around the term. And hypocrisy aside, even we all now belong to the latest century, a woman feels flattered to be protected. It makes her smile to know that she has someone whom she can lean on—someone whom she longs to put her head in his chest while asleep.

You wonder how it feels like to love again apart from the make-believe of love you create in your mind once you find someone from the movie you recently watched to serve as an inspiration.


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