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Furniture and Wall Paintings for Women with Exquisite Taste

Furniture and modern wall paintings are two of women’s love aside from her wardrobe and diamonds. Maybe because aside from that these are used for beautification, both are of value when it comes to price. As we know women fell in love with anything that comes with high price although not as pricey as men’s car but don’t worry we have house to match that.

The value of wall painting gets higher when appraised overtime. This goes the same for furniture of rare real wood and not those that use particles or ply. The more it ages like wall painting all the more it becomes very dear which is far from possibility to afford by average-income earner. Wall paintings that quadruple its value years after are equivalent to antique furniture that is passed on to generations to generations as part of inheritance.

Furniture however compared to wall painting is not easy to maintain. This is why the more it looks like aged, all the more its price shoots up. Wall paintings are displayed on the wall whereas sets of furniture are used. They are set on the ground where people are in motion as opposed to an artwork hanging as home wall art. Yet despite of the a priori mentioned fact, wall paintings are much more delicate than furniture made of real wood where you can just simply sand it down for wood staining and re-varnishing as part of its makeover. Wall paintings’ re-touch, on the other hand, devalues the artworks. Wall painting is more valuable when it is untouched which means it is well-preserved and maintained and requires no repair or clean up because even minor clean-up can tarnish its dry pigment.

Valuable wall paintings and high-end furniture are eye candies to women, at least to adult woman who has upgraded her wants from shoes, bags, and clothes. These two sets when put altogether in a room or space undoubtedly give a feel of elegance and nobility. The furniture nowadays is not just a flat surface where artworks are placed. Furniture as almost all will agree are now works of art and the last thing the owner wants to do is to hide it under linen or put art crafts over it lest that it will scratch its well- crafted and smooth surface. This is evident when you visit a well-designed home interior. You see furniture as the home’s major artworks and the rest that are purchased from shops that display artworks or sale serve as accents only. This is why prior to being attracted to little details in the home interior, women usually eye for furniture first along with its window covers and a well-selected wall art like wall paintings.


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