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Bag Collection for Women

And because bags are women’s favorite, September onwards will be full of this divine creations. The more I look through beautiful images, the more I get addicted to bags!

Bags and some more bags make a woman drool. Looking for collections online is like art lovers who are hooked to internet because of the newly posted wall paintings or artworks for sale. For bag lovers, it is not even part of a wardrobe but a collection that women from time to time visit to entertain themselves. They can be glamorous, sophisticated, trendy, or vintage.

There are collectors for trendy bags but a few would opt for vintage ones. Vintage bags are rare. It is either you get them cheap or too pricey. And because they are vintage, expect them to be old.  You see women carrying these but most of the time, they are just kept in the closet as part of vintage bag collection. Bags are women’s essentials. This is where they keep their stuff. Sometime, all you see inside are hairbrush and a lipstick, but then invading through its interior by a stranger is a big no-no for them. Nothing might be in it, actually. Yet it is still part of a woman’s privacy. And respecting her bag is respecting who she is. For women who love bags, even her cheapest item cannot be compared to a grand wall painting. The satisfaction the former gives is greater than that of the latter. But then for many girls, bags are undeniably part of the wardrobe and are not just meant for display or entertainment purposes only. They match these with their shoes or belts and some other more accessories like bangles and wristwatches.

Bags can just ruin the get-up of a person in a snap. It does not just have to be stylish but it has to look neat and clean enough as not to affect the overall hygienic look of one’s attire. Leather, no matter how authentic can peel and obviously, they are unsightly. No matter how expensive the bag is, if this happens, such can just be hand-carried when going to market or to places that do not require a fully-thought get up. It is like buying a brilliant artwork for sale but overtime,  it may get damaged and displaying it in a corner of a living room to just attract attention is not best recommended. Maybe, somewhere behind the main attraction can be a better place for it.


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