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Bag Find 4


Love the style of this East-West Nappa Gaufre Prada bags. The colors are my great choices, as well. —Asian art


Shoe Find 4


Love this with plain little black dress. The look is something that will exude elegance and simplicity.  How about making the dress really plain with no trace of print and other color in it. We can just make the overall look grand by wearing gold jewelry and some red accessories to contrast the color. — Asian art

How about some short hair, this time?

Many ladies have hots for long gorgeous hair. Short hair is cute, too. But yes, it is a little bit boring to wear a hair that is short. But anyway, don’t you think it is cool when all it takes to style and fix it is just by running your fingers through its strand? And oh yes, if you will wear it super straight with your hair so fine and so thin, then short hair is a no n0. But with some curls, hey it is going to be a blast!
Let me share some nice finds of short hair look. And for artists who from time to time is busy with wall paintings, better be hot and cool by staying away from long hair.

And how about the cuteness of Naomi Watts with her short hair in her romantic drama, The Painted Veil? It is classic. It is elegant.

Diamonds and More

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More than anything that a man needs to prepare prior to marriage is proposal. Lucky for a man if a girl does not know her value. But for those who know it and embrace her worth so well, better start saving by the time you were well aware that you are in love. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, remember? Introduce her best friend then so you’ll be closer to both of them! Next get her house wall paintings from and yes, you’ll probably at par to her taste. Good thing there is artyii where you can just ask her to make her pick.

Cartier’s Hope

Cartier is known to carry expensive jewelry or diamond jewelry. The elite know exactly that Cartier is something that they do not want to miss in their body when they socialize. This is why the blue diamond of hope is a magnet for the eyes for those who can afford. Fortunately, it is just hundred thousand dollars and to be exact, it is 180,000 as opposed to be millions of millions of dollars you need to work for to afford the diamond jewelry featured in our previous posts.

This is a lot affordable to some given that there are many other valuables that we can see inside our house than this, ‘say wall painting for instance. Best to go to artyii just in case you need one, by the way.

Yellow Tiffany Ring

Oh yes, this is another Tiffany in a row of most expensive diamond jewelry. And this time it is yellow.  This one looks so classic- a yellow a diamond ring on a platinum and gold setting. There is one good news aside from its classical beauty, it is over a million which is more than 50 percent lower from the price of our previous post.

The best to afford this is to perhaps invest on quality wall paintings from artyii and just wait for its value to shoot up. At least the grand children of our grand children in the nth generation can grab one of Tiffany’s most precious.

Diamond and Ruby

Second to the most expensive diamond which is Chopard, the blue diamond is a red one. And because it is red and in the form of a heart, this is more known as The Heart of Kingdom Ruby. Actually the red gem is ruby itself but it is placed on the top of 155 carat diamond necklace.

This piece of treasure is worth $14M. If there is wall painting that can match the value of this jewelry, then it must be classic and a a highly sensationalized painting. But the good news is why buy that expensive wall painting when you can have quality in a price that won’t rip off your bank dollars? Check for example the works of a Filipino visual artist Eman Santos at Surely, you’ll think it is worth The Heart of Kingdom Ruby.