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Shoe Find 14

Nice style– a mix of hip and vintage. Anyway what else is new with FENDI!– Asian art


Shoe Find 13

The simplicity of the shoes is catchy. After all, by its class you can tell it is Ferragamo!– Asian art

Shoe Find 12

Looks comfy despite the tall heels and by just looking at the velvety shades of mocha, one can tell that this stylish creation won’t hurt a bit or perhaps not as much!?– Asian art

Shoe Find 11

A very feminine pair.  Truly simple but a beauty. It might look plain but the heels take the shade of the skin and will make the legs flattering.-– Asian art

Shoe Find 10

This is  a wow! An almost skin tone accentuated by black makes it a perfect pair for nobility.— Asian art

Shoe Find 9

When you have these dainty ones in the shoe rack, then flip flops will only be an option when going outdoors. It is stylish, simple, and comfortable.— Asian art

Shoe Find 7

Love this semi-gladiator pair but of more simplicity and elegance in tone than being too trendy and stylish. — Asian art