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Bag Find 8

And this Fendi Bag Lace isĀ  a WOW. My first in the rank!– Asian art


Bag Find 6

Classic looking Gucci Duilo Horsebit Bag is what every classy woman wants to carry around.– Asian art

Bag Find 5

So womanly. You carry this and in one touch of it in your skin, it will bring out the elegance in you. Just my two cents!– Asian art

Bag Find 3

Classic looking bags with purses attached to them. Oh, how I adore these Coach Minnie Frame Butterboom!– Asian art

Bag Find 1

Love the color and the casual classy fabric of this LV Bulles. — Asian art

Shoe Find 14

Nice style– a mix of hip and vintage. Anyway what else is new with FENDI!– Asian art

Shoe Find 13

The simplicity of the shoes is catchy. After all, by its class you can tell it is Ferragamo!– Asian art